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June 2020

04 Jun

The BAD Conference 2020

The BAD Conference will webcast some of the world’s leading UX Psychologists and Researchers direct to your home, to talk about implementation of Behavioural Psychology into User Research and Design.

Our ambition is to create a dialogue within the User Experience community about Psychology, making the human the centre of the design process.

05-23 Jun

Semiotics: A User’s Guide to Seeing Differently

Semiotics helps us understand culture and people more deeply by revealing how meaning is constructed, shared, and constantly changing.

When we see the world as a ‘sign system’ we become aware of how culture influences everything we see, feel and do; it’s a hidden influencer. By understanding how to master meaning-making we can build more powerful, compelling experiences through the stories we tell and the things we create.

23 Jun

Reflexive Interviewing for Consumer Insights

Nothing gets to the heart of people and uncovers their experiences, anxieties, feelings, and desires than a well-conducted interview.

Effective interviewing requires preparation, cultural thinking, and reflexivity. This talk will walk you through the design and execution of interview-based projects and will help you ask the right questions and ask them the right way. I will explain how you can translate client problems into culturally-oriented research questions and how you can develop interview protocols to seek answers to these questions effectively. I will also show how interviews can complement and contextualize other data sources. ZEYNEP ARSEL is Concordia University Research Chair in Consumption and Markets at John Molson School of Business.

23 Jun

Jobs to be Done (JTBD): a way of seeing

This workshop by Jim Kalbach is designed to give you concrete, practical skills you can use to apply the concept of jobs to be done (JTBD) to create high-value products and services. You’ll work in groups to get hands-on experience and have lively conversations.

The concept of jobs to be done (JTBD) provides a lens through which we can understand value creation. The term was made popular by business leader Clayton Christensen in The Innovator’s Solution, the follow-up to his landmark book The Innovator’s Dilemma. It’s a straightforward principle: people “hire” products and services to get a job done. Although companies like Strategyn and The Rewired Group have been using the JTBD for many years, the approach has gotten a lot of attention recently. Still, practical ways to applying the concept of JTBD in real-world settings is largely missing.

25-26 Jun

Virtual Conference – UXRConf 2020

#UXRConf Anywhere - Join thousands of researchers online to celebrate world-class content and a growing community of research practitioners.

The UXR Collective is a small team of people who believe that research practitioners have a critical role to play in the development of all new experiences and technologies. The field of UX Research is growing at an extraordinary pace. More and more people are looking to transition into research roles and even senior leaders themselves are eager to learn the basics. Not only are the numbers of researchers ballooning, the research practice itself is changing with new tools, technologies, and research challenges. Every year the practice changes, but who are the people deciding what that change is? We believe for the field to grow in a robust and healthy way, actual research practitioners - not the old-guard, not the big names on Twitter, and certainly not the high-profile consultants - must be the ones defining that growth. That’s why the UXR Collective is committed to finding talented researchers doing field-changing work, wherever in the world they may be, and providing them with a platform to share their knowledge with everyone.

25 Jun

Communicating Better with Internal Stakeholders

In this webinar, you will learn my approach to speaking with internal stakeholders. A webinar by Nikkie Anderson.

Being able to communicate effectively with internal stakeholders is absolutely key to user research. It can help you sell the value of user research, build a research framework, bring user research to the strategic table, and move user research projects forward. In this webinar, you will learn my approach to speaking with internal stakeholders. We will review the psychology of behavior and understanding stakeholder’s motivations to better communicate with them. I will provide you with several models you can apply to your day-to-day work. As a bonus, these strategies also help you with negotiating raises and promotions!


July 2020

07-09 Jul

The Behavioral Design Workshop for UX researchers

Susan Weinschenk & Guthrie Weinschenk will teach how to apply recent research in brain and behavioral science and behavioral economics to your UX research. Find out how behavioral science can and should be part of your UX research work if you want to engage, encourage, and persuade the people that use your products and services.

In this workshop we share the latest research on what - grabs and holds attention - how people make decisions - how context affects behavior - what motivates people to take action


September 2020

14-16 Sep

UXinsight 2020

This years’ theme focusses on the creative part of UX research. In our increasingly fast and agile working environments, we need to be even more creative to deliver solid research. Let’s celebrate creativity together!

NEW: in collaboration with the global ResearchOps Community, we extended this year’s conference by one day. On September 16, the program is fully dedicated to ResearchOps. A growing discipline of UX research that includes the people, mechanisms, and strategies that set research in motion.


October 2020

25-28 Oct


The premier international conference on ethnography in business.

The EPIC2020 theme is SCALE. How can we engage, work across, and reframe scale in a world where bigger, faster, easier, broader are the desired and expected goals? In these times of critical, planet-wide challenges, we invite contributions that address how concepts of scale define the scopes, contexts, and impacts of ethnographic work in creating value in organizations, and in sustaining our global futures.

14-16 Sept 2020

UXinsight 2020

This years’ theme focusses on the creative part of UX research. UX research is a field born in academia, but most UX researchers work in the creative field functioning as a bridge between technology and people.