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July 2020

07-16 Jul

More-Than-Human Design and AI – In Conversation with Agents

This workshop explores how to study and design (with) AI agents from a more-than-human design perspective. Submissions due: June 18th, 17:00 CET

We invite you to experiment with thing ethnography and material speculations, as a starting point to map and possibly integrate emergent frameworks and methodologies for more-than-human design. By using conversational agents as a case, we will discuss what a more-than-human approach can offer to the understanding and design of AI systems, and how this aligns with third-wave HCI concerns of networks, infrastructures, and ecologies.

15 Jul

It’s in the Details: The Magic of Analyzing User Research

User research analysis demystified! UX Research experts Ashley Connor and Adrienne Guillory show you how. It's in the details!

About this Event
Congratulations, you’ve collected hours of recorded interviews, pictures, and survey responses. NOW, WHAT? How do you get all of that data into five slides or three bullet points? Where do you start?
You wave your wand and turn it into a succinct list of eloquent findings and recommendations, of course! Well, maybe not, but Ashley and Adrienne make it look that easy.
Ashley Connor and Adrienne Guillory of Usability Sciences will share their wisdom in the very special event: It’s in the Details: The Magic of Analyzing User Research.
Due to the continuing Conorna virus outbreak, we are moving our meetups online for 2020. We welcome anyone from around the world to join us!

16 Jul

What Research Ops Professionals Have Learned from COVID-19


Participants Marjorie Stainback (Research Operations Manager for Fidelity Investments, Molly Fargotstein (Research Coordinator Mailchimp), Maddy Vasquez (UX coordinator Deliveroo) and Stephanie Marsh (Head of UX research and Analysis at Government Digital Service)

29-30 Jul

Creative UXR Workshop

This workshop will give you tools for creative thinking which you can apply to everyday work challenges, e.g., research questions, research methods, presenting results, etc.. We will practice lots of fun, inspiring, hands-on exercises, and examples of how to apply creative thinking to user research.

If you have been conducting research or have experience with research techniques for at least 2 or more years, then this workshop can be of great value for you. Workshop topics: - The Neuroscience of creativity, - Practices for cultivating creative thinking - Examples of creativity in user research from researchers from different countries and companies. - The eight steps of creative thinking - Hands-on individual and group exercises for these steps with techniques for applying creative thinking to user research


September 2020

14-18 Sep

UXinsight Festival

Coachella and Glastonbury might be cancelled, but the greatest festival of the year is still happening… Join leading experts from across the world of UX research, as we take our conference online.

We’ll have everything from quizzes to awards, and of course – plenty of opportunities for the natural and insightful networking you need to take your work and career to the next level. A big part of the conference experience is bumping into old friends, as well as making new connections. While you won’t be able to have a lively discussion over a beer, we’ve arranged plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with your fellow researchers.


October 2020

06 Oct-03 Nov

User Research Fundamentals

Build your skills and confidence in user research with this interactive, live streamed, online course (9 x 2hr sessions).

In this structured online program of 9, instructor-led, workshops, you'll discover how to plan, execute and analyse user research within an Agile framework. During each classroom session, you'll prepare the materials you will need to carry out user research on the very product or service your team is developing.

Class sizes are small and delivered live via Zoom. Combined with practice projects, this helps you build skills, confidence and expertise in user research methods.

Through real-time presentations, quizzes and interactive activities, you'll learn the theory of user research and practice its core skills.

25-28 Oct


The premier international conference on ethnography in business.

The EPIC2020 theme is SCALE. How can we engage, work across, and reframe scale in a world where bigger, faster, easier, broader are the desired and expected goals? In these times of critical, planet-wide challenges, we invite contributions that address how concepts of scale define the scopes, contexts, and impacts of ethnographic work in creating value in organizations, and in sustaining our global futures.


UXinsight Festival

Coachella and Glastonbury might be cancelled, but the greatest festival of the year is still happening… Join leading experts from across the world of UX research, as we take our conference online.

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